Durham Indictments

John Durham was tasked by the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute the illegal FBI spying and FISA abuses that targeted the Trump 2016 campaign. The Durham Probe is aided by the findings contained within the Horowitz Report. If further indictments are handed down they will be added to this page. The Durham Probe unlike the Mueller Investigation is not plagued by leaks, thus the public has no idea who Durham might indict next, if anyone. The Durham probe was predicted by many to end before the 2020 election, none the less, the end of the Durham probe is anyone’s guess.

First Indicted Person is Sentenced

Clinesmith’s sentencing date has been set for Dec. 10 at 11 a.m. ET. (Video will be added once available)


First Indicted Person Pleads Guilty

The first Durham Indictment is handed down

The Horowitz Report is Released