03-01-2018 Erie County Further Response to my 02-28-2018 Reporting Potholes Email for addresses 6449-6663

From:                                         Anderson, Melissa <Melissa.Anderson@erie.gov>

Sent:                                           Thursday, March 1, 2018 10:40 AM

To:                                               Alan Haungs

Subject:                                     RE: Reporting POTHOLES on OLDLAKE SHORE ROAD in EVANS NY


Good Morning Mr. Haungs.  Thank you for taking the time to put together this very involved pothole list.  Unfortunately, we do not currently have a road program for 2018.  With the harsh winter that we have experienced, we are still in the process of reviewing candidates and prioritizing our greatest needs throughout this vast county.  I will contact the Maintenance District and let them know about your issues for cold patching.   I am hopeful that something can be accomplished to remedy this rough road surface in the near future.  Please let me know if I can assist you with anything further.


Thank you and have a great day,



Melissa A. Anderson

Erie County Department of Public Works

95 Franklin Street – 14th Floor

Buffalo, New York 14202


716.858.8228 – fax



From: Alan Haungs [mailto:alan.haungs@lightforfitness.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 10:25 AM
To: alan.haungs@lightforfitness.com; Potholes


Today’s date 2-28-2018


I will list below how many potholes are before each house address on Old Lakeshore Rd in Evans NY.


Pictures of all of these potholes were taken 2-27-2018 and all of these pictures will soon be posted by address, and with a link to the proof of report, online on:





  • Eastbound address 6449 seven potholes
  • Eastbound address 6467 seven potholes
  • Eastbound address 6469 four potholes
  • Eastbound address 6471 three potholes
  • Eastbound address 6475 three potholes
  • Westbound address 6475 one pothole
  • Eastbound address 6481 ten potholes
  • Westbound address 6523 one pothole
  • Eastbound address 6523 four potholes
  • Westbound address 6530 one pothole
  • Eastbound address 6530 one pothole
  • Eastbound address 6531 two potholes
  • Westbound address 6535 one pothole
  • Eastbound address 6535 two potholes
  • Westbound address 6538 twelve potholes
  • Eastbound address 6540 one pothole
  • Westbound address 6540 one pothole
  • Eastbound address 6547 two potholes
  • Westbound address 6560 nine potholes
  • Eastbound address 6565 seventeen potholes
  • Westbound address 6565 five potholes
  • Westbound address 6577 one pothole
  • Eastbound address 6577 twenty-six potholes
  • Eastbound address 6586 six potholes
  • Eastbound address 6591 one pothole
  • Eastbound address 6607 three potholes
  • Westbound address 6609 three potholes
  • Eastbound address 6609 eighteen potholes
  • Eastbound address 6626 three potholes
  • Eastbound address 6640 three potholes
  • Westbound address 6640 six potholes
  • Westbound address 6661 one pothole
  • Westbound address 6663 one pothole


Sincerely yours,

Alan Haungs








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