03-04-2018 Reporting POTHOLES on “OLD” LAKESHORE ROAD in EVANS NY for addresses 6609-6816Requiring action by Erie County Legislator John Mills and Executive Mark Poloncarz

From:                                         Alan Haungs <alan.haungs@lightforfitness.com>

Sent:                                           Sunday, March 4, 2018 9:23 PM

To:                                               potholes@erie.gov; alan.haungs@lightforfitness.com

Subject:                                     Further Reporting of Potholes on “Old” Lakeshore Rd in Evans NY

Today’s Date 3-4-2018


I will list below how many potholes are before each house address on “Old” Lakeshore Rd in Evans NY.


Pictures of these potholes were taken on 3-4-2018, and these pictures will soon be posted online, and organized by address on:





  • Westbound lane Address 6609 two potholes
  • Eastbound lane Address 6680 two potholes
  • Eastbound lane Address 6690 three potholes
  • Eastbound lane Address 6702 four potholes
  • Westbound lane Address 6706 two potholes
  • Eastbound lane Address 6706 two potholes
  • Westbound lane Address 6724 four potholes
  • Eastbound lane Address 6744-6746 three potholes
  • Westbound lane Address 6766 one pothole
  • Eastbound lane Address 6773 forty-nine potholes
  • Westbound lane Address 6776 eight potholes
  • Westbound lane Address 6794 three potholes
  • Eastbound lane Address 6808 fifteen potholes
  • Westbound lane Address 6818 three potholes


Sincerely yours,

Alan Haungs



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