03-21-2018 Reporting POTHOLES on Lakeshore Rd in Evans NY in front of Bennett Beach correction of faulty links in the 03-20-2028 email Requesting for action by Erie County Legislator John Mills and Executive Mark Poloncarz

From:                                         Alan Haungs <alan.haungs@lightforfitness.com>

Sent:                                           Wednesday, March 21, 2018 7:43 AM

To:                                               potholes@erie.gov; John.Mills@erie.gov; alan.haungs@lightforfitness.com; J. Jean Pustulka

Subject:                                     03-21-2018 Reporting POTHOLES on Lakeshore Rd in Evans NY in front of Bennett Beach correction of faulty links in the 03-20-2028 email


Today’s date 03-21-2018, this email replaces the email I sent 03-20-2018 as I have this morning improved the navigation on my website that hosts the POTHOLE pictures and thus the links in yesterday’s email do not work. This is a repeat of yesterday’s email but with working Hyperlinks.



I am reporting to Erie County the very same potholes in the east-bound lane of Lakeshore Rd, in Evans NY before Bennett Beach, which greatly damaged the car of Josephine Pustulka on 03-10-2018.

As she informed the county by phone the incredible hazard these potholes pose, it shocks me that as of today the county has still not yet filled those potholes.


Her letter to the County is already posted on my website here:





The pictures of the potholes that damaged her car are already posted here:






Sincerely  yours,

Alan Haungs





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