Physics 124 Optical Instruments Formal Lab/Exercise SUNY Fredonia by Professor Alan Haungs

Just click below the items as they appear in order and you will have gotten all the lectures and demonstrations and lab instructions you will need to submit this lab.

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Confocal Microscope Principle Demonstration PINHOLES USED FOR SHARPENING IMAGING


Confocal Microscope Student Experimentation PINHOLES USED FOR SHARPENING IMAGING

First,…….Click here to download the free FRED Optical Engineering Demo Software from Photon Engineering. Fill out the form and they will email a link to you. This demo version never expires. It might take a day or two for them to email the  software download link to you. Let me know if you are having trouble.

NEXT, ……Click here to download the CONFOCAL MICROSCOPE file.

This Confocal Microscope file is “zipped” and will unzip automatically, I suggest opening it after it “unzips”, for at some point during the unzipping process you will see the option to either open it or save this file somewhere. If you select to immediately open it, the already downloaded FRED software will automatically operate to open this file. Note, any changes you make to this Confocal Microscope file will not be saved, so be sure to harvest your required pictures for your lab report, prior to closing the program.

Finally,…… here for the Optical Instruments lab SCORE SHEET

This PDF above includes what I want to see on your lab report. Use it as your guide to a perfect score.