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Night Shift Plan

What if Alan were to work an occasional night? Not a regular night shift, just maybe one night every two weeks.

It has been discovered that if a person works an occasional night shift outside of their typical pattern and if they wear melatonin onset eyewear at night while they work, their melatonin onset will occur on schedule that day the same time and intensity as if they were following their normal schedule.

This is good news because this means they can both preserve the virtues of nightly cellular repair and also their typical melatonin onset timing for the next 24-hour cycle.

The bad news is that such a person will not know what to do the following morning: should they attempt to sleep or not? Should they just remain awake for the whole day and wait for night-time to go to sleep at their normal time?

I would suggest that, if a person were to NAP during the following day after doing this (working one night while wearing melatonin onset eyewear), they should nap in a naturally-lit place. Why? Because that will further help to neither advance nor delay their typical melatonin timing for the next cycle.

Such a person will be sleep deprived for that day, but their melatonin onset rhythm will not be thrown off for the following day,  so they should recover quickly after a good night’s sleep, and they will quickly get back to feeling normal faster, having not changed the timing of their typical melatonin onset timing.

But what if Alan is placed on a night shift indefinitely? Statistically, he will die younger, but, if he has no choice, this is what he would do:

Alan gets off of work at 6 AM in the morning. Alan wants to eat dinner with the family at 6 PM.  He determines after experimentation whether he prefers:

—to get things done around the house immediately after getting home from work

—to get things done around the house just before he eats dinner with the family

—to split things in half and get some done immediately after work and others done before dinner

Alan has decided to sleep immediately after coming home from work. This is just his preference, because doing otherwise will mean children will be coming home and interrupting his sleep. There is no scientific reason why he had chosen this.

Assuming he wants 8 hours of sound, uninterrupted sleep, here is what he will attempt to do:

He will want all the melatonin his pineal gland can muster because melatonin does assist in feeling sleepy and remaining asleep. Thus, he has decided to do a phase-shifted equator plan, in order to get the full 11.5 hours of melatonin release.

A phase-shifted equator plan pretends one lives on the equator, approximately on the “opposite” longitude of the earth.

His head will hit the pillow by 7 AM, and he will awake by 3 PM. This gives him 8 hours of sleep, so he will have to begin wearing his melatonin onset eyewear four hours earlier while at work at 3 AM.  He will not wear them while driving if it is dark outside, but he will if it is light.

Wearing the melatonin onset eyewear 4 hours before his eight hour sleep will give him the best odds of sleeping in a healthy manner.

He will need to sleep in a very dark bedroom for this to work best, possibly using aluminum foil on windows to block light and placing towels under doorways to prevent as much light as possible from entering the bedroom as he sleeps.

If the morning times when Alan drives home from work are very bright, he might also consider wearing goggle melatonin onset eyewear for his drive home to prevent as much light as possible from entering around the sides of the glasses.

Another strategy help to overcome the brightness of the morning drive home would be to wear RED LENS dim light melatonin onset eyewear. The red lens not only blocks the blue part of the spectrum but also the green part of the spectrum, which if too bright can also stop the onset of melatonin.




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