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The way artificial lighting is commonly used is causing disease and aggravating existing diseases. This misuse is caused primarily by ignorance and secondly by a lack of strategy and hardware to correct the misuse. LightForFitness.com and LightForFitness.biz are attempts to supply both knowledge and the needed hardware to prevent circadian disruption and point the way to better light-hygiene.

The assumption that the only important function of the eye is its ability to produce sight is as foolish as the assumption that the only important function of the ear is hearing. Ear damage can result in the inability to stand and walk due to the hidden function of the ear to promote balance. The eye too has a hidden function.

The eye functions like the hands on the face of a clock.

The clock’s motor is the sun, and its light moves the hands of that clock. The eye reports its “hand positions” to the master timekeeper in the brain, informing it of the time of day.  This master timekeeper in the brain determines the time of day by analyzing how much light enters the eye and by the color content of the light that is entering the eye.

The eye’s hidden function is to make sure the master timekeeper/clock in the brain matches the master timekeeper/clock in the heavens. This same function also extends itself to informing our body, mind and emotions what season of the year it is.

Once the master timekeeper/clock in the brain is fooled into believing a false time of day and/or a false time of year, a person’s body, mind and emotions will not be well suited to function and maintain repair. This is because the master timekeeper/clock in the brain determines when the hormones melatonin and cortisol are introduced into the bloodstream, and for how long for each 24-hour cycle.

This is what our poor usage of artificial light has accomplished, we have become less able to perform and less able to maintain repair. This is WHY Light For Fitness is selling and developing new products.

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