Advance your Circadian Light Phase Response

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Advance your Circadian Rhythm via the Meltopic  Light Phase Response

The usage of modern evening-time lighting in our homes causes a delay as to the timing of when melatonin is introduced into our bloodstreams. This chronic delay aggravates many maladies. This discussion is designed to educate the public as to why and how-to advance the timing of melatonin into the bloodstream via the circadian light phase response.

I look forward to chatting with those of you who are interested in the correlations of disease to typical modern evening-time lighting practices.

My Electrical Engineering Master’s of Science Thesis involved the engineering, construction and testing of a Light Toxicity Chamber that is presently being used to research retinal death. This light toxicity chamber provides a highly controllable environment that utilizes circadian disruption to disrupt routine cell maintenance and restoration.

Unfortunately, the modern American home is in many ways a Light Toxicity Chamber. I will have research papers on-hand that addresses some of the maladies that demonstrate how lighting can unknowingly aggravate disease and how lighting can help alleviate disease.

I will explain what you can do to avoid light hygiene pitfalls. The lecture comes with a free book.

Up Coming Place and time: 

Lancaster Public Library: year 2020 Sunday Mar 15 at 3PM

PAST Places and times:

West Falls Community Library:
year 2020, Saturday Feb 8 at 1PM


Town of North Collins Public Library:
year 2020, Monday Jan 6 at 6PM


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