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What is a Lumen Nazi?

Why blue and green light should not be found within the spectrum of a street lamp

Customized Amber LED Street Light Solutions (custom built LED light engines for old street lamp posts)

Welcome to the innovative News Letter entitled STOP THE LUMEN NAZIS. I invite you to subscribe to this News Letter which will come out monthly. Click this news letter subscription link to subscribe. Each month I will update the reader as to what has happened in a locale that is fighting the lumen Nazis.

The lumen nazis want your lovely softly lit residential streets to look like the parking lot in the mall. They plan to do this by replacing the time-proven and biologically-correct amber-colored-light-emitting sodium lamps on your street with bone-chilling-white-light-emitting LED lighting.

STOP THE LUMEN NAZIS offers biologically-correct amber-light-emitting LED lighting solutions for your street lighting, and education about why this is important.

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