Customized Amber LED Street Light Solutions (custom built LED light engines for old fashioned street lamp posts)

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Why purchase customized amber LED light engines for your existing old-fashioned street lighting posts?

For towns and cities that love their present street lamp posts, and are thinking LED, but by doing so, risk loosing their old lamp posts (because such elegant lamp posts where not originally made for LED lighting), HERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS; I can fabricate customized light engines that will fit into your existing old lamp posts.

It is worth keeping the old lamp posts as they are usually “over built” and are thus indestructible or are very repair-worthy. So why pay the cost for new lamp posts if all that is needed is an LED update and maybe a fresh coat of paint?

I can customize the wattage, the directivity, the lumens and the desired balance between pure amber light to a somewhat white-ish amber light, so to keep the elegant look and avoid light-trespassing against biology and star gazing.

For the prototype phase, I suggest the perspective locality designate a lamp post to have me experiment with.

In the prototype phase of the customized design, the town’s various persons can observe the functioning prototype in its intended setting, and incrementally request tweaks to get just the right look and effects.

One way this might be accomplished would be by supplying me with the actual lamp post head(s) (removed from the post), or a spare head if available. Thus, with each incrementation of adjustment, the post head can be detached and reattached repeatedly.

The prototype phase is free of charge to the town.

Once the town is fully satisfied with the prototype, then we will start to negotiate the cost per lamp post, for fabrication and installation and an acceptable time frame for getting the work completed.

(But, if the locality cannot reach satisfaction via the prototype process or the cost/time negotiation, I will then restore the lamp post back to its original state, also free of charge)

Finally, once the town has agree on the prototype and costs, then we move into the phase of the mass production of the customized light engines and the replacement of the old bulbs.

My experience with custom building light engines started with my Electrical Engineering Master’s of Science thesis.

Alan Haungs can be reached:

(716) 361-4111