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I was told a story by a Evans (Angola) business man whose business is located on RT 5.

There was a terrible pothole heading west just past a curve in the road. Cars would hit this pothole and 100 feet later stop in front of his business with a flat tire. He told me he saw this ocurre over 200 times and each time he reported the pothole.

Finally, a State Trooper hit that same pothole and got a flat and pulled over in the same spot that all of those other people did, in front of this business.

Immediately after that…. the pothole was fixed.


I suspect there are very few ‘connected people’ in Evans therefore my theory is that we have to become more efficient at complaining than we have been in the past, by beginning to take actions that will move decision makers to replace old roads and repair newer roads.

This is the purpose of this blog, to strategize in Evans our actions we will take.